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Co-Hosts of District Time

District Time is a one-day watch show that features the finest unique and affordable timepieces from across the planet. Visitors are invited to discover new micro-brands, established independent watchmakers, and select vintage pieces. Many of these watches are only available online, so this is a rare opportunity for D.C. residents to feel the actual product before they buy. For the past three years, it has been our pleasure to partner with The Time Bum blog to present this event to the public annually. We hope to see you there.

Press and Rave Reviews

McDowell Time has begun to garner a reputation in the micro-brand watch community, and it is our pleasure to meet the needs of our fans. We’ve attracted attention with our attention to detail and passion for keeping our assembly within the United States. See what the people have to say about our watches below.

"This is an absolutely beautiful-beautiful watch...this is a real stunner"


  "So overall I think the watch is great...I think McDowell Time has a real winner here and just a great looking watch"


"Hey what do I think about this watch?  I LOVE this watch!  It's America assembled..., I mean a great watch to add to your collection and have on your wrist.


"This is a clean, well-executed watch and that Seiko Kinetic movement sets it apart from Kickstarter crowd. It is a quality piece for a very reasonable price."


"Inspired by authentic WWI watches, the new McDowell Time Delray Watch is truly impressive. The watches have the aesthetic appeal of vintage watch designs but are powered by a state-of-the-art movement system."


“One of the most unique aspects of the McDowell Time DelRay, aside from the design, is the movement utilized. ...Past the movement, it’s really the design of the McDowell Time DelRay that makes this an interesting watch.”


"If you are looking for something a bit different you really can’t go wrong with the McDowell Time Delray. The watch provides an aesthetically appealing case design, great looking dial, sapphire crystal and a hybrid Seiko automatic-quartz movement."


  "I would recommend the DelRay to anyone looking for a classic style watch that is very affordable. Affordable and offering a unique movement. It’s extremely comfortable and light on the wrist, so comfortable that you will forget it’s on your wrist."


"The DelRay offers a lot of great things that are rarely seen in established brands, much less in micro brands. It is able to simultaneously compete against fashion watches and against micro brands that appeal to watch enthusiasts."


"The lume is one aspect of the DelRay that I rarely see executed so well in a watch in it's price range. Not only do the hour and minute hands glow like torches when charged, but so do the numbers as well as the hour dots on the dial. It's a nice touch for a watch brand that really wants to make a name for itself in the "affordable" price range."


The McDowell Time DelRay is a tremendous value, especially given the high build quality which incorporates stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and C3 Super-LumiNova. It's a modern take on a traditional WWI trench watch, blending the vintage round case and lugs with an updated hybrid auto-quartz movement.  


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