About Us

McDowell Time was created in 2016 when we successfully launched our first watch, The DelRay, on Kickstarter.  After a successful campaign we have turned our sights towards developing additional unique & innovative watches.
Proudly based in Rockville Maryland, we realize the importance of high quality American craftsmanship, and therefore all of our watches are hand assembled in the United States. We know we could cut corners and lower cost by shifting assembly overseas, but that's not our style.  McDowell Time is committed to helping create American jobs and ensuring we are delivering the highest quality watch we possibly can.
We only work with vendors who are committed to providing the same level of high quality products.  That's why we source watch straps from B&R BandsHadley-Roma, BluShark, and Clockwork Synergy.  All of these companies are also American based; see a trend here?  

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