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About Us


In 2016, we launched our first watch, The DelRay, on Kickstarter. After this watch’s success, we decided it was time to provide additional innovative and unique watches. It was not long before the Maxton was introduced to our collection.

From Rockville, Maryland, we spend our days studying quality leathers and perfecting the art of all-American craftsmanship. Each of our watches is assembled in the US. While we could, theoretically, cut corners and save money by sending our assembly overseas, we refuse to. At McDowell Time, we have a deep commitment to our country and to helping create American jobs whenever possible. And, with assembly nearby, we can assess the quality of each watch we produce to ensure it’s up to our exacting standards.

We only work with vendors who are committed to providing the same level of high quality products.  That's why we source watch straps from B&R BandsHadley-Roma, BluShark, and Clockwork Synergy.  All of these companies are also American based; see a trend here? 

If you have any questions or comments about our watches, District Time, or our dedication to American products, we urge you to get in touch with us. Elegance, affordability, and classic style — that’s the McDowell Time Difference. Shop now for a stand-out timepiece or a memorable gift. 


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