Maxton V2 is available now!

Maxton V2

Maxton V2

The Maxton V2 is a re-issue of our popular Maxton, which is a sporty three-dial chronograph featuring an in-house designed 39MM cushion case.  Powered by a Miyota quartz movement, and accented by a lumed ceramic bezel, the Maxton is a truly unique piece.

We partnered with Wes Tillman of Vulta Watch Design on this Maxton makeover!  Wes brings a deep passion to all aspects of the design process and has an undeniable eye when it comes to a clean & purposeful esthetic.

From Wes at Vulta Watch Design:
"I am an American millennial who was working toward being a residential architect when 2008 happened. With the passion-as-career route temporarily closed, my off-days were dumped unceremoniously into the black hole of creation for my own enjoyment. In that space I developed strong positions on nearly every application and nuance of design and composition, from architecture to music production, and cemented my belief that every small detail, every ratio, every shade and hue of every color in every project, matters. When it can't even be articulated, it can be felt.

Vulta is my no-strings-attached attempt to share my borderline obsessive design approach with whoever thinks it's compelling, in the most honest and unpretentious way I can. With watches as with all things, that means doing the little things right and acknowledging history and context without using them as crutches. "     -Wes Tillman

All Maxtons are Assembled in America