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The MWW 7081 Movement

The MWW 7081 is the creation of Maryland Watch Works in Hagerstown, MD. The 7081 is based on the ETA 2824 architecture and can be used as a replacement for the 2824. This movement is comprised of Swiss and other foreign parts and final assembly takes place in Hagerstown at the MWW shop.

Take a minute to admire the stampings on the mainplate; showing the refence number, MWW, and the annealing symbol. Annealing alters the physical properties of metal by taking material through multiple heat cycles to improve the metal. The 7081 represents that improvement by building off the 2824, but with a unique color treatment and attention to detail, the 7081 is the proverbial by-product of annealing.

Grey Metal & Blue Screws

Who doesn't love a visually stunning movement? That's what Maryland Watch Works set out to create when deciding on the metal finishes of the 7081. The combination of grey metal, blued screws, and vibrate gear train are a visual delight on the 7081.

Assembled and Regulated

Maryland Watch Works completes final assembly of the 7081 in their Hagerstown shop. After assembly is complete, each movement is then tested on the Witschi Watch Expert G4 to ensure the movement is operating within spec.

What does 7081 mean?

Maryland Watch Works is located in the heart of Hagerstown, MD. Also known as 'Hub City', Hagerstown is positioned at the crossroads of two major interstates I-70 and I-81. The reference number 7081 is a proud affirmation to the local ties of Hagerstown.

Maryland Watch Works