Announcing the TIDEWATER - New Swiss Automatic Dive Watch

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Tidewater Pre-Order is Live!

Pre-Order Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why are we offering a pre-order?

A. This pre-order allows us to quickly sell watches so that we can recover some of our initial production costs.  Being an independent watch company, we typically produce 300 watches during a production run, and this means we must self-fund production of those 300 watches.  Instead of using a crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter, we decided to offer this pre-order as an alternative method, yet achieve similar goals.

Q. How long will the pre-order last?

A. We are offing this pre-order phase until we sell the first 50 Tidewaters.  Once we sell 50 Tidewaters, will will adjust pricing to our normal retail price.

Q. What am I getting?

A. You will receive a complete Tidewater watch with stainless steel bracelet and travel case.  Please visit the Tidewater product pages for full details.

Q. Are the watches already assembled?

A. Yes, we have already completed final assembly of the Tidewaters.  We have received all the watches from our watchmaker an have them in inventory in our Rockville office.

Q. When will my purchase be charged?

A. You will be charged during the checkout process just like any normal online purchase.

Q. When will the Tidewater be shipped?

A. Shipping will begin by November 16th.  We are completing Quality Control and Packaging now.

Q. Will I get shipping updates?

A. Yes, you will be notified once we start shipping Tidewaters.